Competition has always been stiff in the capital intensive entertainment and hospitality construction markets.  O’Connell remains competitive in the face of continued economic pressures and a growing number of electrical contractors who are bidding on gaming and lodging projects.  We are being awarded key contracts throughout New York and the Northeast, as we have for over two decades.

Fueled by customer demands for more services, today’s facilities are being built and upgraded to include advanced systems for building automation, security and life safety, communications, internet access and wireless capability.  Additionally, the incorporation of more efficient energy, HVAC, and advanced lighting systems are being driven by owner operating costs as well as government regulations and incentives.

Why gamble when selecting your electrical contractor?  O’Connell understands how to work with developers and owners to meet technical, cost and schedule requirements.  Proven construction management practices and creative prefabrication measures combined with our extensive company resources and supplier network often give us the advantage over our competition.  Our highly efficient workforce is another key to success in our meeting the diverse project challenges of this sector.  Whether your electrical needs involve new construction, expansion, or renovation O’Connell has the expertise and resources to get the job done successfully, within budget, and on time.

Sectors of the entertainment/hospitality market that O’Connell services include auditoriums, theaters, casinos, resorts, gaming facilities, event and convention centers, food services companies, lodging, hotels, resorts, stadiums, arenas, and athletic fields.

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