Electrical construction work within the commercial market segment is fiercely competitive.  Key to O’Connell’s success in this industry remains the productivity of our work force.  We’re competitive on the multi-million dollar new build or renovation project as well as the two hour service call.  Our industry experience and scope of service offerings has made us a top choice among commercial developers and private companies for decades.

O’Connell stays current with changes to electrical codes, standard practices and power distribution systems design necessitated by the demands of new electrical infrastructures.  Advanced training keeps us on par with requirements for the growing electronic equipment needs of commercial facilities along with modern HVAC and lighting systems.  We deliver the reliable, high quality electrical power necessary to maintain the productivity gains of new technology-based systems without affecting other facility needs.  Today, O’Connell is outfitting buildings in the commercial sector with advanced automation, communication and green energy systems.

Sectors of the commercial construction market that O’Connell services include banking and financial, office, retail, and warehousing.

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