O’Connell is a well known electrical contractor across the highly competitive government and public works sectors.  Our work in these markets dates back to the 1932 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York.  Today, we design, install and maintain electrical and communications systems for a broad range of federal, state and local agencies.

Construction challenges and demands across this sector are like no other.  Experience is paramount.  Key to our success in these markets are skill, productivity, and planning.  O’Connell provides the highest quality workmanship while remaining one of the most competitive electrical contractors at this level.  After all, every project is awarded to the lowest bidder.

Our proficiency in this market and diversification of services has lead to our being the number one prison contractor for electrical construction in New York State, with major projects completed at over 65 correctional facilities.  Today, we are prime contractor on over 90% of our projects.  We have the bonding capacity to back up any electrical project with the expertise and resources to get the job done successfully and on schedule.

O’Connell is highly qualified to implement the Federal Government’s green technology initiatives to help curb energy costs and consumption at government buildings and facilities.  Include are upgrades to electrical, mechanical, low voltage, and communications systems.  With LEED Certification being the ultimate green initiative objective in new construction, O’Connell has LEED accredited personal on staff and several large, successful projects under our belts.

Within local, state, and federal agencies, O’Connell services a range of departments and governmental sectors including Office of General Services (OGS), Corrections, Military, Water, Sewage, Wastewater, and Departments of Transportation (DOTs).

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