Working in the US transportation industry, where safety is paramount, is a serious and complicated business.  No other construction market requires the level of coordination, clearances, certifications, and knowledge of regulations as federal, state and local government transportation projects.

Fortunately, O’Connell has been navigating these waters for over 40 years.  When Walt Parkes purchased O’Connell Electric in 1968, he immediately established a foot hold in this market, beginning locally with highway and airport work, then expanding.  Today, the company operates three separate transportation divisions; Airports, Bridges, and Highways.  Each is dedicated to addressing the specific needs and challenges facing their respective segment of the industry.

Nearly every aspect of today’s US transportation assets—surface, air, and water systems—need upgrading and new development work.  From lighting and communications systems for airports, bridges, highways, railroads, and waterways, to sophisticated moving bridge, lock, and gate control systems, to advanced intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and high speed rail, O’Connell has all the resources in place to meet current and future US transportation electrical construction and communications needs.

Sectors of the transportation market that O’Connell services include airport, bridges & locks, street & highway, railways, and waterways.

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