O’Connell Electric’s bridge work began in the early 70’s when we installed electrical power and connections, cabling, wiring, communications conduit, and lighting for a bridge renovation project on a major artery in Rochester, New York. As opportunities in bridge renovation and construction have grown so has our Bridge Division. Today we specialize in fixed and moveable automotive and railroad bridges as well as marine locks and gates across the Eastern U.S.

Experience gained from installing and troubleshooting the intricacies of complex bridge operating control systems, relays, machinery, motors, and standby power systems has catapulted the division’s capabilities to new levels. In recent years we have dramatically expanded the size, scope, type, and complexity of services we offer. O’Connell has become one of only a handful of companies in the nation qualified to meet the demands of bridge, lock, and gate construction and renovation.

Constructing for highway, railroad, and waterway structures requires special expertise as well as clearances and certifications from government agencies—we have them all. Over the years we have gained extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of bridge electrical work and increased our trained technical resources, tools, and equipment. Our expertise in structural mounting and support requirements along with expansion, contraction, and vibration control measures assures systems reliability and longevity on your bridge project.

Bridge work almost always requires custom work. Our dedicated fabrication facility and customized mobile fabrication office trailer ensure that onsite installations run smoothly. Our mobile fabrication unit also enables us to respond to the emergency needs of customers in very short order.

The mission of O’Connell’s Bridge Division today is simple: provide comprehensive electrical services necessary for safe, reliable, quality bridge renovations and construction. We meet all safety and government agency requirements for this work and stand ready to take on your bridge project at every level.


Budget Review & Pre-Bid Evaluations

Site Evaluation & Recommendations

Engineering Design Support

CAD & As-Built Drawings

Detailed Conduit & Cable Schedules

  • Block Drawings

Remote Control Design

Code & Regulatory Compliance Assistance

Construction Feasibility Reviews & Consultation

Prefabrication & Onsite Fabrication

Technical Services

Systems Operation & Maintenance Training

Stationary Bridges, Moveable Bridges, Railroad Bridges, Locks & Dams

  • International Borders Experience

Temporary Power Systems

Power Generation & Distribution Systems

Span Lift & Lock Systems

Aerial & Submarine Cable Systems

Grounding & Lightning Protection Systems

Marine, Traffic & Railway Control Systems

Relay, PLC & Remote Control Systems

Support Buildings & Site Amenities

Specialized Hanger Systems

Systems Pre-Test, Start-Up & Commissioning

Communications Specialty Systems

  • Voice & Data Systems
  • Security & Life Safety Systems
  • Audio & Video Systems

Technical Services

  • Electric Engineering Services
  • Cable Testing & Fault Locating
  • Testing & Commissioning

Full Project Management From Pile-driving Through Bridge Start-up & Commissioning

Onsite Project Manager

Project Planning, Scheduling & Coordination

Roadway, Railroad & Marine Traffic Coordination

Marine Transportation Coordination

Emergency Support Coordination

Site Contractor Management & Coordination

*Custom Maintenance Programs*

Lighting Maintenance, Retrofit & Upgrades

Service Upgrades

Switchgear Modifications & Retrofits

Machine & Equipment Installation

Motor Control Installation

Standby Generator, UPS & Transfer Switch Installations

Temporary Power Services

Systems Operation & Maintenance Training

  • Systematic Maintenance Checklists
  • Systems Training Videos

Technical Services: Preventative Electrical Maintenance

  • Infrared Scanning
  • Transformer Oil Analysis
  • Ultrasonic Scanning
  • Circuit Breaker Primary & Secondary Injection Testing
  • Megger Testing
  • Harmonic Analysis

Emergency Response

  • Power Outages & Failures
  • Panel & Service Feeder Replacement
  • High & Medium Voltage Cable Repair & Replacement
  • Transformer Replacement
  • Call 800.343.2176

Fully Stocked Emergency Response Trailers At The Ready

Fully Integrated National Suppliers Guarantee Parts Availability

IBEW & NECA Memberships Ensure Skilled Manpower Is At The Ready